Safety and Security

Since security and safety have become a major concern to the international community, the organizing committee has undertook various safety measures to ensure the security and safety of all participants, theses measures are similar to the ones that were applied  during Grand Prix and World Cup  which took place during February and March 2019 in Cairo and are  similar as well to the measures to be applied  during the upcoming 2019 Africa Cup of Nations for football taking place in Cairo  during the period of June and July 2019, which is one of the major and most important global football events and the most important football event in Africa.

The organizing committee has established a security coordination with the authorities at the Egyptian Ministry of Interior Security who will have complete information of both the competition and accommodation venues, have complete information about the time of arrival/departure of the delegations, and their commuting schedule to and from the airports as well as the competition venues. 


These security measures include but are not limited to:

  • Securing off all the delegations during their commuting to and from the airports and competition venues.
  • Security checking points in front of all the competition hotels, checking all the incoming vehicles.
  • Installed metal detectors at the entrance of all the competition hotels’.
  • Security check-points in front of all the competition venues, checking all incoming vehicles.
  • High security measures both outside and inside the competition venue.
  • Gala dinner, as well as all other touristic tours will be completely secured by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.